Do You Know When The Proper Time To Move In Together Is?

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have been together for some time and things are really going well, the thought of moving in together will begin to cross your mind. However, living together is a quite big step so whether it’s your first time or you’ve lived with a significant other before this, you probably want to make sure you’re ready to take that leap.

What You Should Know Before Moving In With A Partner

Before you decide to move in with a partner, it’s very important to have a conversation to discuss both the practical and emotional aspects of living together. Have a conversation about logistics, finances, and feelings about living together.

Talk about practical matters such as:

  • Where you’ll be living
  • The kinds of residences you’re interested in
  • How you’ll be furnishing the new place
  • How expenses will be allocated in a manner that works for both of you
  • How you’ll allocate household responsibilities
  • Your sleep and work schedules
  • How you plan on enjoying alone time when needed

Be Together In The Same Physical Space

Be together in the space so that you know what living with the other person will be like. Spend weekends and evenings together. Go food shopping with each other. Take part in activities of each other’s day-to-day lives, try out each other’s hobbies and play an Australian online betting site to see how you get on. Take holidays together. Spend as much time with each other as you can in order to feel super confident about the decision to live together.

Behavioural Consistency

The number one thing you have to consider before moving in with your partner is behavioural consistency. The bottom line is that you really do need to know what to expect. Behavioural consistency refers to people’s tendency to act in a way today which matches their past decisions or behaviours. This single metric is extremely important because, without it, you literally will not be able to trust your partner. Also you should never move in or share your universe with someone who you don’t trust.

Honestly Assess Your Partner’s Behaviour

In addition, you need to determine if they regularly conduct themselves in a manner which makes you comfortable living with them. If you notice unpredictable behaviour that is erratic, irregular, or not logical for the situation, that is a person with whom you would not be wanting to share keys to a home or your heart.

You Understand Each Other’s Habits

Items that seem small but can end up causing massive rifts include leaving lights on or off, keeping doors unlocked or open, and the depth of cleaning that you like to see in each room. Perhaps you like sleeping with your dogs in bed and your partner doesn’t. Or perhaps you really want a dog or cat however your partner is opposed to it. These are all important things to consider before moving in together.

Make sure that you know some of your partner’s living habits and that they’re compatible with yours. A lot of sleepovers, traveling together, and maybe even staying with them for a full week here or there can be good indicators.