Gift Ideas To Keep The Romance Alive

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect Christmas gift, or even a unique gift surprise for date night, it’s never a bad idea to turn your gift into the perfect romantic kick-start.

It’s true that gifts from the heart touch the heart. And whether you’ve been dating for 3 years or 10, we’ve put together a list of unique gift ideas that will have your significant other swooning all over you like the very first time.

Lovebox Messenger

There’s nothing quite like the Lovebox to show your partner that you care.

It’s a connected messaging device that works via a free app for sending messages, drawings, notes, and photos. Whenever a new message is received, the heart will spin to alert the object of your love that something new and romantic awaits.

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Couple’s Game Deck

Instead of being glued to your phone, connect more deeply with your special person with a fun and ingenious card deck game.

Couple’s Game Deck contains 150 questions that will jump-start a meaningful conversation every time you play. It’s a sure way for both of you to rediscover why you fell in love in the first place.

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Date Night Box

Discard the old by dipping into a box of 35 scratch-off cards containing ideas for an adventurous date night.

There’s only one rule, and it’s simple: once you’ve scratched your card to reveal a date night idea, you have to go through with the challenge.

This gift is perfect for livening up your relationship.

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Custom Star Map

Simply pick the place and date where you and your partner met, and a team of love experts will create a map print of the stars that shone down on you during that special night.

Another amazing feature is that your map can be customised with your names and a special message to your significant other.

It comes in a variety of sizes.

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Moon Lamp

For those who value passion grown under the light of a gentle moon, Balkwan’s Moon Lamp will be sure to re-ignite the romance and passion of new love.

It’s a stunning nightlight and was produced with the help of technology from NASA’s topographical map. It comes in four different sizes, it’s rechargeable, and includes a dimming function for setting the perfect ambiance.

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Authentic Piece Of Meteorite

This is the perfect gift for the stargazer in your life: a piece of an actual shooting star.

This special piece of star comes from a meteorite that crashed at Campo del Cielo in Argentina some 5,000 years ago. Your shooting star comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a beautiful gift box.

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Our Bucket List Book

Whether you’re dreaming of travelling to a far-off desert, learning to ski or scuba dive or playing mobile New Zealand pokies on an exotic island, this journal will help you to come up with the perfect couple’s bucket list.

It also has space for recording all the wonderful adventures you’ve shared together.

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