Tips For Throwing A Classy Casino-Themed Party

The casino theme is a fantastic excuse to don a tuxedo or a beautiful dress and is appropriate for almost any occasion: you can use it for birthdays, bridal showers, and bachelor parties, even weddings and is a particular hit for charity functions.

This theme has the perfect games and aesthetic for a good time, if you follow our handy guide, you’ll be able to recreate that classic casino atmosphere and bring your loved ones together for a night of fun to celebrate an achievement or raise money for a worthy charity.

Get The Colours Right

Anyone who’s spent time in a casino (albeit one without a crazy theme like Ancient Egypt or Medieval England) will know that old-school casinos favour bold colours in thick stripes and contrasting blocks. Besides the classic choice of black and white; red and dark green (the colour of cold, hard cash) are popular choices. You might be tempted to bedeck your venue in casino-related motifs, like playing cards, poker chips and fruit machine symbols, but you’ll find that most land-based casinos eschew those types of decorations or use them sparingly.

Choose Your Games

A casino is only as good as the games on offer, and what’s the point of decorating your party like a casino if it doesn’t have the games to match? Depending on the size of your gathering and your budget, there will be certain games available to you.

It’s a good idea to decide on a budget for this part, and if you’re planning on using real money, don’t forget to have a cash float on hand. If you’re really planning to push the boat out, consider hiring a professional croupier to add an authentic flourish to your party.

Food And Drink

Nothing says ‘casino atmosphere’ like cocktails and finger food. Classic cocktails like martinis and cosmopolitans are a good choice, and its simplest just to stick to a few for your menu. If you’re looking to save money, you can premix them yourself and pour them into glasses beforehand, or if your budget can stretch to it, to invest in a professional bartender and servers.

Classy appetizers include charcuterie and shellfish, while if you’re looking for something simpler, buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks. You might also want to consider a buffet if you’re looking for something straightforward.

The Right Entertainment

Casinos aren’t just about the gambling or about playing the best bingo games online in Australia; they have plenty of other diversions on offer. While you probably won’t be adding a movie theatre, consider supplementing the games with live music or a dance performance. Consider hiring a magician, or even some showgirls, if you want to really invest in a classic Las Vegas atmosphere.

Depending on the size and nature of your venue, and again your budget, you can supplement your gambling entertainment with other kinds of games, such as dominoes or bocce ball. It’s worth your time to invest in setting up a photo booth and/or a photographer to make sure your big night is properly documented.