Finding True Love On Online Dating Sites

The reputation of online dating sites, specifically the most well-known of these sites Tinder, is that it is all about hooking up. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you probably don’t have much of a problem with the situation. But what about those that are looking for something more than just a casual sexual encounter? Can you also find true love using online dating apps?

Of course, you aren’t the first person who asked the question, and it turns out that it is a thought many are grappling with. As time has passed, more and more turn to online dating to try and find a partner. Apps are no longer just for the young and adventurous, after all, and hanging out in clubs and bars isn’t what it once was.

Your Approach Matters

The reality of the matter is that it depends how you approach online dating. As far as the question of there being others out there on apps looking for true love goes, the answer is; yes, there are plenty looking for true love rather than a fling. But your approach is what will help you find what you’re looking for.

Being vague about your intentions, hoping to cast a wide net, clearly isn’t the way to go. It will only result in lots of wasted time, awkward conversations. Imagine pitching up to a date with someone who has other ideas. They may well just get bored and land up checking out political betting in Australia on their phone, while you’re trying to have a meaningful conversation at

Being Upfront

Be very clear about your intentions in your profile. It’s as easy as that. With all the profiles that aren’t ashamed about declaring that they’re just there for fun, there are just as many that outright state they aren’t interested in flings. State plainly that you are looking for true love, and you will quickly find likeminded potential partners.

On that note; also take into account that a serious relationship is to be taken from a different angle than a casual encounter. There are more than a few areas in these regard that people take very seriously, so you will want to be upfront in all regards. Having children, for example, is something to be very clear about.

There Is No Rush

But just because you’ve decided you’re after love, it doesn’t mean that a giant clock has started counting down, ticking off some sort of limit. Finding your true love may mean going on more than a few dates, and meeting a number of potential love interests. Too many think that love must be lunged at, and grabbed with both hands.

Take your time. There are many possibilities out there, and they should be investigated. If something isn’t working out, you are always free to respectfully move and experience the alternatives. After all, what can a casual coffee with someone interesting hurt? Always just be clear and upfront with anyone you happen to encounter.