Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

After over a year of lockdowns and restaurants often being closed and limited public gatherings, you could be finding that date night has become a bit boring.

It can be tricky to keep the love and romance alive when you’re both at home all the time – working and living in the same space. Let’s see if we can give you some inspiration to make stay-at-home dates as exciting as going out…

Tastings And Pairings

There are plenty of clubs and services out there that run regular tastings or pairings for wine, whisky, chocolates, cheese, and more. They send you the items and an instruction pamphlet so you can run the tasting or pairing at home in your own time.

Some also have videos online so that you can hear from the expert like you would if you went to the event. Others also host online events via Zoom so that you can join in the fun live.

Take A Class

If you love crafting together or making things, there is no reason why you can’t take a class together at home. Look for some online courses – either done via videoconferencing or streamed on-demand – and get the equipment you need to make your project.

There are so many options – painting, pottery, origami, cooking, creative writing, etc. If you’d rather just have fun on your own, you can get the supplies you need, pour a couple of glasses of wine for you and your partner, and get to it.

Bring The Movies Home

Movie night is the quintessential date for just about any couple – from starry eyed teens to those who have been married for forty years.

The problem is, watching a movie at home for date night isn’t usually any different to watching a movie at home on a regular night. This is why you need to set things up as if you are going to the movies.

Rent a projector, set up a sheet or a wall for a screen, get popcorn and special drinks, pick just the right movie, and get dressed up for the occasion. Or, if you prefer gaming, surf global Bingo sites together just like it was a movie.

You can also do an outdoor screening and go on a picnic in the garden or pretend you’re at a drive-in. This takes a little bit more technical planning for the screen and the projector, as well as sound considerations. However, it is well worth the effort.

Tour A Museum Or Gallery

Many of the big museums and art galleries all over the world have opened their doors to virtual tours of their exhibits.

Places like the museums in the Vatican City and the world-famous Louvre in Paris are available to tour online, and many others have specific exhibits that they have set up just for online touring.

Pick one of these places and then set up your entire date around the city or the exhibit. You can have food that you would get if you were actually there in real life or you can dress up from the period of the exhibit.