7 Easy Ideas for Entertaining at Home

If you’re not a great chef or the idea of entertaining people at home leaves you feeling more worried than wonderful, fear not!

You don’t need to lay on a 4 course dinner for your friends, you can still have them over and have fun without polishing the silverware and spending all day slaving over the hot stove.

These ideas are great for anyone who wants to entertain easily, with no hassle and no fuss, and they are a bit more exciting than ordering in a stack of pizzas!

1. Mexican Fiesta

Throwing a Mexican party is actually incredibly easy and it takes minimal effort. Nachos are the obvious choice and are easy to assemble.

All you need is cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole, and if desired, chicken or chilli con carne.

The obvious drink here is tequila, and if you are feeling adventurous you can always make margaritas too.

2. Bring and Share

If catering for others is completely off the table, then why not throw a Bring And Share supper?

Everyone gets to bring a starter, main course or dessert that they can share with the party, and you can stick to a theme like Southern or Chinese, or you can just sit back and see what everyone decides to bring.

If you’re smart, you’ll offer to do dessert, as this is the easiest option!

3. Go Oriental

If you’re feeling flush and have perhaps won a bit playing casino no deposit games, you can splash out and buy Chinese, Indian or Thai food for your friends.

Invite everyone over, and then enjoy chowing down on Chop Suey, Pad Thai or Butter Chicken. You can even eat out the containers to save on dishes!

4. Sushi Surprise

Making sushi is actually quite easy, and quite fun! If you know how to make sushi or are eager to learn, make it a group effort.

Invite others to join you and then see who can come up with the most creative or well-rolled pieces.

5. Brilliant BBQ

Anything cooked over an open fire is generally delicious, and it’s easy to do too! If you wan to have friends round and weather is good, bring out the BBQ.

If you’re not confident behind the grill you’ll probably find someone else who is, and you can enjoy a very social eating and drinking experience while you all gather round the BBQ.

6. Gourmet Hotdogs or Hamburgers

Making hot dogs or hamburgers is really basic, and you can jazz them up by offering a selection of tasty toppings to go with them.

Everything from pickled onions to fancy cheeses and chilli sauce is an option, and you can let your guests build their own burgers or dogs to keep things easy.

7. A Dessert Buffet

This is a real sweet idea, and all you need is a big tub of ice cream, some cones and a selection of tasty toppings.

You can of course be a little more adventurous, but the idea is to keep things straightforward and stress free – and everyone loves ice cream!