What Your Ideal Vacay Says About You

Find out what your ideal vacation spot says about who you are!

Relaxing on the Beach

You are most likely stuck inside an office most of the day, running around trying to juggle a busy and harried lifestyle if sitting on a beach is your idea of the perfect holiday.

You can’t be bothered to do anything other than lay in the warm sand, soaking up the sunshine, with no interruptions other than your being offered another ice-cold drink as you enjoy the Blackjack online Canada has to offer on your smartphone or tablet!

This would be the only time you can achieve any level of relaxation because your home-life will be as busy as your work one.

Heading to the Great Outdoors

If your perfect leisure time adventure would be camping out and hiking in the mountains, you probably are able to create a healthy balance between work and play, most of the time.

You will already be spending a large amount of your free time exploring, but you may wish to take a longer, more extended trip to see new places, outside of your immediate area.

Your Bucket List no doubt consists of reaching the tip of various mountains and seeing the national parks in your country.

A Visit to a Big City

If you’re interested in adding something new, fast-paced, and exciting to your life you probably work alone. Or maybe you’re always at others’ beck and call, and a trip to the city where the roles will be reversals sounds like your idea of heaven!

You’ll want to experience a different lifestyle to the one you usually follow, although you’ll have no wish to create a long-term change.

The hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan night out will be just what you need in order to switch off, regroup, and return home refreshed.

A Trip to Effect Social Change

You’re the type of person who enjoys going out and exploring new things, but wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives as well.

You will probably be used to helping people in your day-to-day life too, and you will want to extend this to include new adventures and new good works.

A Vacation With Your Family

You’ll either have been dragged, or guilted, into it and aren’t really expecting much, or you’re very excited to catch up with your family and get updates on how everyone is doing.

Familial holidays generally tend to one extreme or the other, and are either eagerly anticipated or dreaded, there’s no in-between.

What your feelings about them are will give a clue to your character, obviously, and reveal that you’re either on good terms with the people you’re related to and work towards keeping this so, or you do not, and couldn’t be bothered to fix what may need fixin’.

The Package Destination Deal

You’re very organised, and have so thoroughly planned your time off and hunted up the best deals that you don’t have to worry about a thing on your holiday.

You like being able to delegate tasks that don’t need your input, and planning is your strong point. You do the work required at once and enjoy what time you have off completely.