5 Travel Tips for Couples

There comes a time in every serious relationship when vacationing together seems like a good idea.

However, as those who have been through it know, travelling with your partner can either make or break a relationship.

There is no map or GPS that can help you navigate your first trip away as a couple, so how do you ensure it doesn’t end up a sorry mess before you’ve even left the airport? These top tips can help.

1. Be a Travelling Team

A successful first-time trip together with your partner begins during the planning stage, and you can have no better foundation than teamwork.

You’re a team, and teamwork requires communication and compromise.

Be honest about where you would like to go, and what you would like to see and do.

You also need to be prepared to make a few compromises. When deciding where to go, select a destination in which you are both interested.

2. Plan, Prepare, Don’t Panic

Plan ahead and be as prepared as possible, especially if your vacation includes a few busy days.

Ensure you have what you need, as well as a few items you might not expect to need, for every day.

This includes making sure you have snacks and water, sunblock, a portable phone charger, and a swimsuit.

Try make an itinerary for every day, but do not panic if you and your partner do not stick to it exactly, and do not panic if things do not go according to plan. Sometimes you simply need to go with the flow.

3. Boost Your Budget

Travelling together as a couple for the first time is stressful enough without fighting about money. In addition to setting a holiday budget, find ways to boost it.

You may be able to decrease travel costs with travel miles or eBucks, accommodation costs with AirBnB, touring and transport costs with Vayable and BlaBlaCar, and meal costs with EatWith. AirBnB and EatWith are also great ways to enjoy truly memorable local experiences.

4. Unplug From Social Media

Your first trip away together should be a special time, so leave your friends and the world out of it by unplugging from social media.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with the odd Instagram post to let friends and family know you’re both still alive and well, but don’t be tempted to let your followers in on every moment of your time together.

Use it as a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level.

5. Enjoy Some Time Out

Travelling with your partner may sound like it is going to be bliss from the moment you step out your front door, but after a few days in one another’s company constantly, one or both of you are going to start getting irritable.

It’s natural, so be sure to include a bit of time-out for you both. Even if its for a couple of hours every few days, go and do your own thing, even if it’s little more than sitting in a coffee shops and playing online Blackjack on your mobile device.