First Date Food: What You Need to Know

Whether it is brunch, lunch, or dinner, sharing a meal is one of the most popular options for a first date.

It does not matter if its formal dinner theatre or an afternoon picnic in the park, the occasion’s an important one, so your food choices need to be spot-on.

This means eating foods that are going to help you put your best foot forward, and make the best impression you can.

You want their memories to make them feel like someone who has just won money playing at top betting sites. Here is what you need to know.

What to Avoid

It should not need to be said. No one should ever have needed to say this. From the first moment you smell garlic and onions, it should be self-evident that foods containing large amounts of them should be avoided.

You want to bowl your date over with your charm, not knock them unconscious with your bad breath.

Spaghetti with anything. It does not matter if it is Arrabbiata, Carbonara, or plain old spag bol. There is a time and a place for sucking, slurping, and splattering, but the first date dinner table is not it. Stay away from saucy, messy chicken wings and ribs. They will betray you.

Salads. Never mind your diet – it can wait. Your date is going to be too distracted by that massive blob of green something between your teeth to worry about your waistline or your healthy lifestyle choices.

What to Order

If you want pasta, choose an easy-to-eat option, such as bowtie pasta or gnocchi. This eliminates the risk of showering yourself or your date with sauce flicked from the end of hastily-slurped spaghetti.

Instead of choosing shellfish, opt for salmon or sushi. Salmon packs in flavour, while sushi lends itself to elegance – and most of it is bite-sized.

If you really need to sink your teeth into something meaty, choose a steak, but keep it simple, rather than opting for something smothered in sauce. Unless your date has told you that they are allergic or have an aversion to it, choose a chocolate dessert.

It’s sultry, sexy, and contains compounds similar to those released by the brain when you are in love.

What Food Choices Say

According to some commentators, your date’s choice of food on the first date can reveal more about them than they realise. Of course, the principle works both ways.

If your date chooses steak, they either are trying to impress you, or they actually wanted ribs.

If they choose ribs, they are probably going to try bash you over the head and drag you back to their cave after dessert. If their menu choice is loaded with onions, garlic, or both, they probably do not kiss on the first date.

If they order a pizza or a burger, they are probably too much of a child at heart. If they order a salad, they are probably hoping to make a quick getaway.