6 Tips for a Successful First Date

First dates are generally daunting and it’s not about trying to be someone you are not, but being your best self.

Even if you have been chatting online and feel like you know the person, meeting face to face is a whole other experience.

Making a good impression is important, but honesty should be paramount.  Do not be someone that you are not!

1. Be Punctual

Always be on time.  It is not only good manners but would you really want to be late on your first date.

Your date may be wondering if you have stood them up, not a good impression to start out with.  Let them know if you are running late.

2. No Texting

Always put your phone away unless you are expecting a very important call.  It is rude to answer calls or texts while you are out on a first date and it is important to show your date that they have your full attention.

By having your phone out will give the impression that you are not enjoying your date or that there is something else more important you could be doing.

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3. Acknowledge Awkward Silences

We all know that first dates can be awkward and there may be silences, and now is not necessarily a good time to whip out your phone and enjoy some of the online pokies Australia has to offer! Instead, rather acknowledge that there is an awkward silence.

Rather address the elephant in the room, this will make things easier and create a bond between the two of you.  Chances are you are both feeling awkward.

4. Be Honest

It may be good to bring up what you expect from the future.  Your date may just want to have a good time and not necessarily be in it for the long haul.

It’s always good to know what each person wants at the outset to avoid any disappointments if you are not both on the same page.

Always be honest about where you are in your life.  Your life may be challenging, you may be unemployed or sleeping in on your friends couch.

Even though keeping things simple is important it is also better to be open and honest from the start so as not to create problems.  Encourage your date to open up as well.  It will be worth it.

5. Do Not Feel Obligated

Your date may suggest doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or does not feel right.  Rather do not do it.

Your date may suggest doing shots or skip on the cheque.  Never do something just because you think it may impress your date.  Never feel obligated to do something that you do not want to do.

6. Do Not Talk About Your Ex

This should go without saying, but if your date does ask, rather be honest about your situation.  Do not bad mouth your ex even if they were horrible.

Remember this is a new date and the beginning of something new and there will be time to discuss the details of previous relationships if you do get involved.