Break Up Advice From The Pros

No one likes a break up, and when you’ve been dumped you’re at your most vulnerable.

You often do ad say things you later regret, or, you’re not quite sure which way is up and struggle along for awhile.

We’ve taken a look at the advice the pros give those who have recently been dumped, so that you can move on successfully.

Accept It Is Over

If you’ve been dumped you need to accept it is over, and that you ex has a reason for making their decision. Don’t beg, plead or cry in the hope that they will take you back.

You’ve got nothing to gain and you’ll only lose your dignity. If you DO get back together because of this, the relationship more than likely won’t last, and you’ll get dumped all over again.

Don’t Stalk

Constantly checking up on your ex is not a good idea for many reasons, and at worst, you could be accused of stalking.

Leave them alone, don’t send them millions of messages, like all their Facebook photos or constantly call them.

Make the break a clean one, as stalking them in any way can become a habit that will make you miserable.

Get Off Social Media

Social media can be an awful place for the newly dumped.

You can see your ex having fun without you, every girl/guy that even makes it into the background of a pic must be the new love interest, and anything they post has an underlying meaning.

Get off social media, resist the urge to look at their profiles and steer clear.

Keep Busy

If you’ve been dumped, the chances are you’re feeling a bit bereft and suddenly don’t have as much to do.

Keep busy! Meet your friends, start exercising (because we all know that we let go a little in a relationship) and find new hobbies.

Give horse racing betting a try if you are keen on winning, or spend some time learning a new language or craft. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards numerous.

Go On Dates

We don’t mean go on a husband or wife hunt, just get out there and have some fun. Meet new people of the opposite sex and put your ex out your mind.

You never know whom you might end up meeting, and if you were sitting at home moping you’d never have the chance.

You don’t have to date seriously, but apps like Tinder are great if you casually want to hang out (or hook up!)

Give Yourself Space

This may sound contrary to the above advice, but the pros say that you need to give yourself space to grieve.

You need to do this too, and much like mourning the death of someone, you must mourn the loss of your relationship- if it was a loss that is.

Accept that grief has stages and that you’ll g through them all- some faster than other- and that you’ll emerge a better and stronger person o the other side.