Real Relationship Advice from Celebrities

Celebrities live out their lives in the public eye and often their relationships or lack thereof become even more famous – or infamous- than they are. Make ups, break ups, marriages, divorces, rekindling of old flames, infidelity, scandal, you name it, most celebs have lived it.

But all this relationship drama has taught many of them a good few lessons, and we’ve taken a closer look at what they say about finding lasting love.

Beyoncé Tells Us to Be Independent

Queen Bey has certainly seen all sides of marriage. She has sung about infidelity in Lemonade and seen her husband been beaten up in a lift by her sister! Perhaps then her words of wisdom make a lot of sense as she says that no matter how entrenched you are in your relationship, you should always retain your independence.

If you lose your sense of independence you may feel trapped, and this can lead to resentment, so always know who you are, and what you want, and go for it!

Will Smith Says Work On Yourself First

Will Smith has been married to Jada for over 20 years, so he must know what he’s talking about.

He says that before you even think of working on a relationship you need to work on yourself first and to always bring your best to the table.

Chrissy Teigan Preaches About Space

Chrissy and John Legend have a marriage most of us dream of, and they are surprisingly open about the ups and downs of life. They are easy to relate to, and Chrissy says that at the end of the day, no matter how famous you are, you’ll still fight like everyone else.

Her relationship advice is simple. Take some time apart to remember who you are, do the things you enjoy like gambling online NZ, or going to the gym, and miss your partner a bit.

That feeling of missing someone is a good thing as it stops you being complacent and taking them for granted. Plus, it makes reuniting that much sweeter.

Ellen Advises We Understand Each Other

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are a solid Hollywood couple and the key to their successful marriage is that they understand each other.

The pair say that sometimes you don’t agree with your partner, and sometimes you don’t like what they say or do, but you need to understand why they are the way they are, and accept it. Even if you don’t really understand, at least try!

Jessica Biel Pushes Communication

Probably one of the most common relationship tips is that communication is key, and Jessica Biel is fully behind this.

Mrs Justin Timberlake says that the ability to really be open and honest with your partner is essential, and that you need to know how to really talk to each other and to make sure there are no secrets. Communication becomes even more important when you travel a lot for work, as you’ll need to touch base and be open about what you are doing.