Keeping the Spark Alive In Long Term Relationships

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while you’ll know that without a little bit of effort, things can get stale. But, if you want to keep the spark alive there are some things you can do to counteract this, and we’ve got some great ideas!

Go On a Monthly Date

This may be hugely clichéd, but it actually works! Set up a date night at least once a month and go on a real date. Get dressed up, go somewhere fancy and enjoy some time together like you did when you were first getting to know each other.

Eat Dinner Together

You don’t have to do this every night, but try a few times a week to actually sit down at a table and have a meal together. Put your phones away, turn off the TV and really connect with one another.

The nice thing about getting together is there is a definite start and end, so you can still get on with whatever else needs to be done, while having some us time.

Go Somewhere New

When you are in a log term relationship you often end up going to places that are familiar. Be it a local pub or restaurant you enjoy frequenting, or the same holiday spots, you start to build up habits. But if you want to add a bit of spark, go somewhere new! Try new restaurants, explore new holiday destinations and go on an adventure that takes you both out of your comfort zone.

Start a New Hobby

Nothing bonds people more than a similar interest, so why not find a hobby you both will enjoy and take it up? Whether it’s gardening together, getting a fish tank or getting fit, a hobby can make your relationship even stronger, and give you plenty of new things to talk about. You can even play board games together, watch a movie, enjoy a bit of fun at your favourite $5 deposit casino online, garden together, but whatever you do, do it together!

Take a Break

Hold on. Isn’t the idea here to put the spark back in to a relationship, not run away from it? We don’t mean break up, but we do mean sticking to that old adage of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Book yourself a girl’s holiday with your friends, send your man on a boy’s trip, or simply spend a bit of time apart with your respective families. You’ll quickly start to miss your partner, and you won’t take them as much for granted, as you’ll find out what it is like when they are not around.

Leave Love Notes

This can be corny, but it can be awesome too! Forget about cute Whatsapp memes or voice notes, leave real, and written love notes for your partner to find them. Hand written notes have really gone out of fashion, but they are a great way of expressing yourself, ad a real treat for your loved one.