What to Look for in a Life Partner

When you’re choosing a life partner, it’s vital that you break free from harmful past tendencies. Consider who you’ve chosen to be with previously, and analyse why those relationships didn’t work.

While you can’t know for sure what exactly someone is bringing to the table, in the same way you can’t predict the cards you’ll be handed during a Blackjack or Poker game at https://casinositescanada.net/review/river-belle/ Casino, there are things you can look for. Learning rules and strategies will help with your card games the same way actively looking for the following traits will help your relationships!

Emotional Maturity

All of us have certain flaws and carry some degree of emotional baggage, so seeking perfection is pointless. What you should be looking for instead is someone who is emotionally mature, willing to think about and improve themselves. You want someone who is capable of reflecting on the past, evolving in the present, and planning for the future.


You need someone who is willing to hear you out and try to relate to what you’re going through. When you’ve got a partner who is actively trying to understand you and your experiences you’ll find being vulnerable is less frightening, and revealing who you are easier to do.


As much as deception is frowned upon, lying is all too common in romantic relationships. Some people feel they need to lie to survive, but this is no way to create a good partnership. You need to trust whoever you’re with, so look for someone whose actions reflect their words and who is open about what they’re thinking and feeling.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that a relationship is a way for two people to magically become one. Merging your identity with someone else isn’t just bad for you, it dooms the relationship, too. Maintain your individuality by keeping separate interests alongside those you may share with your partner, keeping your friendships active, and trying new things on a regular basis.


Try to find someone who is open to feedback. You need a partner that is willing to change their self-limiting behaviour as well as hearing what you have to say. Keeping communication channels open and honest is very important for sustaining a satisfying, healthy relationship.

Respect and Sensitivity

Respect is one of the most important qualities in a partner. Find someone who actively encourages you to be yourself and you’ll be able to foster the kind of security you’ve only ever dreamed about. But you also want someone who is able to challenge you when it comes to problematic behaviour in a way that doesn’t wreck your confidence, so sensitivity is important too.

Physical Affection

A big red flag and symptom of a fantasy bond is a lack of physical affection and healthy sexuality between a couple. This kind of contact is an important part of life, it keeps us connected and close to our loved ones. Working at keeping your relationship vital and intimate is a huge part of making love last over the long-term, so look for someone who wants the same level of physical affection that you do.