Conversation Topics to Avoid On a First Date

Dating is fun, but it can also be tricky meeting new people who you don’t really know too much about. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy checklist to ensure that you don’t bring up topics that will go down like the Titanic. Rather stick to topics that are light and easy,

Food Choices

These days, food choices are a real minefield and people can be really sensitive about what they eat, and why. Veganism, gluten free diets, low carbs and just generally picky eaters are all looking for love, and you may well be on a date with one. Rather than voicing any food related bias or talking about why you are eating what you are eating, keep it quiet. No one really wants to know about your diet right off the bat, and you shouldn’t be picking apart anyone else’s either. Leave that until you live together!


Whatever you do, do not mention weight. If they looked thinner in their profile picture, do not bring it up. Chances are, they already know this, and you’ll look bad saying so. Of course no one wants to be catfished, but if the weight difference is minimal, keep your mouth shut. Alternatively, if your date is nothing at all like their picture and has doubled in size, end it very quickly and say something like your expectations were different and thank them for their time. They’ll know why you have done a duck.


Looks are also out of bounds, unless you have something nice to say of course. Additionally, don’t talk about how attractive your ex was, or how you always get the pretty partners; you’ll just come off as looking shallow and self-centred.


Everyone has baggage, whether it’s kids, exes, bad break ups, family issues or any other similar story. The best thing to do is to lave this baggage at the door, and to keep conversation light ad fun at first. No one wants to hear about your drama with your ex, and a potential new love surely doesn’t need to know about your past relationships or family squabbles just yet.


Religion or lack thereof is one of those subjects that really get people hot under the collar. Chances are you have established whether or not your date has something of a similar outlook to you, but not in any depth. Leave this topic out on the first date rather, they may not want to hear your views, or feel comfortable enough to hare theirs yet either.Topics like whether you enjoy real money online Roulette or the sports team you back are safer for first dates.


Oh boy, can this be a topic that can backfire. Yes, talking about politics can be very interesting, but it can also lead to a heated debate. More than likely, you’ll know what side your date leans towards, and you do not have to bring up the topic and start a fight.