How To Find The Perfect Partner

Even though we live in an age with instant communication across the world, social media platforms, forums, and so much more, there are many people that feel more isolated than ever. Online echo chambers and other harmful communities have caused millions of people to pull away from society, making it that much harder to find and meet new people.

This is a big problem among men, specifically, many of which have unhealthy viewpoints about women and struggle to meet them in any meaningful way. Here we will look at some useful tips for finding new partners.

Don’t Become Obsessed

A very common mistake that many men make is becoming completely and utterly obsessed with the idea of having a girlfriend. This can make it almost impossible to build a healthy relationship when meeting someone new, especially if some feelings develop for that person.

Nothing should ever be forced, and it’s always better to let the relationship grow and mature in a healthy and organic way and seeing if it goes anywhere. If it doesn’t, it means making a new lifelong friend, and if it does become something more, the relationship will be that much healthier having had a strong foundation to build off.

Personal Hygiene

It’s become fairly common for a lot of young men to lock themselves away in their rooms for days on end, and this can sometimes lead to them neglecting their personal hygiene.

Hygiene is not just a means of smelling good, but it can also improve a person’s confidence while making them that much more attractive to those around them. Showering, brushing teeth twice a day, and hair care don’t take a lot of work, but can make a massive difference in how interested other people are in engaging that person.

Self Awareness

Another problem that has become persistent among many groups, such as the “incel” forums, is a lack of self-awareness. Self awareness is being able to look at oneself from a third party perspective, being able to empathise with the perceptions of others, and whether those perceptions are positive or negative.

Being self-aware means being able to self-criticise; being able to recognise that we are imperfect, but that there are many ways and methods that we can utilise to improve on out faults and ultimately make us better people.

The first step is criticising ourselves, which involves calling into question the thoughts and feelings that we feel about those around us, particularly women, and if those thoughts tend to be negative, then finding ways to adopt a more positive and constructive outlook.

Comfort Zone

It’s extremely easy to build a comfort zone: a place where we feel comfortable and safe, but comfort zones are also prone to causing stagnation in a person’s life, like staying with one type of casino game rather than checking out the latest roulette Canada has to offer.

It’s good for a person to get out of their comfort zone every now and again, to be open to new experiences, theories, opinions, and beliefs.