How to Throw A Great Dinner Party

Dinner parties may seem like something your folks did in the 1980’s, but they’ve once again become a hot new way to entertain, and more and more people are inviting their friends round for a bite to eat.

If you’re not 100% sold on the idea of hosting a dinner party, check out these tips so that you can ensure your soiree doesn’t suck.

Check For Dietary Requirements

These days, everyone watches what they eat and you don’t want to serve dishes that are packed full of gluten for those that are gluten free, have a meat laden table for a bunch of vegans, or a whack load of rich sauces and creamy dishes for those that are lactose intolerant.

Before you decide on a menu, check (subtly!) if your guests have any dietary requirements that you need to meet.

Prep In Advance

There is nothing worse than inviting people round to show off your culinary skills and suddenly discovering you’re less like Gordon Ramsay than you thought.

If you are a dinner party novice, do a few trial runs with the dishes you want to serve, and finish as much prep as you can beforehand.

No one wants to go and visit a friend and spend half the night talking to them while they have their head stuck in an oven.

Keep It Simple

Unless you’re ready to compete in MasterChef, keep your menu simple.

And don’t try something for the first time when entertaining! If you’re not adept at soufflés and you fear that your steak tartare may be less than tasty, rather opt for a simple selection of dishes, or even go for something like Mexican or a BBQ that is more of a buffet than a sit down set course meal.

Choose Your Guests Carefully

Great company makes good food even better, so make sure your guest list only includes people who get on and have similar interests like sport, online betting or art. Exes, family feuds, awkward pairings and all other potentially unhappy guests should be kept apart- rather opt for a close knit group of friends, or a few who you know won’t cause an upset.

If you want to mix your friendship circle up a bit, make sure everyone knows at least 1 other person, or there may be some awkward silences.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

Alcohol as they say, is a great social lubricant; so make sure that you don’t run out! It’s also a good idea to pair your drinks with the food you are serving, and if you can, splash out on a few good bottles of wine, as this will be remembered! If you have guests who don’t drink make sure you cater for them too, and don’t make them feel left out. Virgin cocktails can taste great too!

The secret to a good dinner party is good food, good friends and for those who drink, good booze. With these ingredients, you can’t go wrong!