Do’s and Don’ts for Tinder Dates

Dating these days can be a minefield, and with apps like Tinder it can be really tough deciding which way to wing it.

We’re here to help you navigate your way through even the trickiest Tinder dates and to help you get the most out the time you spend on romancing potential love interests.


1. The Meeting Place

Arrange a first date or meeting in a very public place. You want your potential match to feel secure and safe, so somewhere with a lot of people works well.

2. Must Be Fun

Choose something you will both enjoy. If you’re not going for coffee or dinner, make sure you are doing something you both like, that way you’ll see each other in the best light.

3. Determine Expectations Upfront

If you’re looking for a one-night stand don’t lead someone on who is looking for a partner to settle down with.

Make your expectations clear upfront and be honest, no one likes being misled.

4. Decide Who is Responsible for the Bill Upfront

This can lead to very uncomfortable situations if who is paying is not clear. You can opt to split the bill too, but decide in advance how the finances are going to work – there is nothing worse than going somewhere pricey at someone else’s request and having to cough up a lot of cash for things you didn’t really want to order.

5. The Trip Home

Make sure your date gets home safely. You don’t have to take them home yourself, but check in with them and ensure they have reached their destination- it’s a nice thing to do- and say thank you for the date too!


1. Invite a First Date to Your House

It doesn’t matter here you live. Meet them somewhere mutual, as you never know what they may really be like- and they don’t know what you are like either.

Inviting someone over puts them on the spot and might make them uncomfortable.

2. Sit on your phone all night

If your date is boring and betting sites are far more entertaining, rather find a good reason to leave.

Sitting with your face in your phone is rude and shows that you don’t really have any interest in the other persons company.

Plus they might think you are looking for other matches and sitting swiping right!

3. Expect Sex

Sometimes you might get laid and other times you won’t but putting pressure on any one is not cool.

4. Be Rude to the Wait Staff or Your Date

Being rude to wait staff is a terribly unattractive character trait, and if your date doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, be as polite as possible too.

If needs be, have an emergency out that lets you escape, but don’t duck without paying your way!

5. Pity Date

If it’s not working for you, it’s OK. Rather than go for a second date say something, and then you are free to look elsewhere.

It’s not fair to lead any one on, and there is no reason to hook up just because you feel bad… in the long run this only leads to disaster.