7 Top Tips for First Date Dressing

How you dress and present yourself makes a big impression, especially when meeting someone for the first time. This is especially true on dates, when your hygiene and style can really make or break your encounter.

Luckily, this is the 21st century and you don’t have to dress up in a 3-piece suit and a bowler hat to impress the lady you’ve invited to dinner. Just follow these easy style tips and you will have that second date in the bag!

#7: Carefully Choose Your Shoes

Most women have a sharp eye for shoes, so it’s no good arriving at your first date in a pair of muddy running shoes. Wear a nice pair of shoes that compliments your chosen outfit, and make sure that they’re clean and presentable.

Pick an appropriate pair for the occasion too. Loafers or lace-up shoes are good for dinners, and simple sneakers or driving shoes will suit an afternoon date. Remember to leave the flip-flops at home unless you will be at the beach.

#6: Consider a Suit Jacket

Okay, so a full suit might be a little over the top unless you will be going to the opera or an old-fashioned ball. However, most women love the look of a good suit on a man, so compromises can be made. Try wearing a smart dinner jacket or a dress jacket over a simple button-down shirt or clean t-shirt. It’s a casual look that still makes you look sophisticated and classy.

#5: Check the Tie

Wearing a tie on a date, much like wearing a full suit, is only appropriate on certain occasions. If your destination does require a tie then go right ahead, but check first. You don’t want to arrive looking like a middle-aged accountant who just left the office!

#4: Wear Clothes That Fit Well

There are many clothing fit charts available online that tell you exactly how your garments should be fitting you. Loose clothes can make you appear overly casual or even sloppy, and items that are too tight will make things uncomfortable for you and your date alike. Choose clothing that fits you snugly, but offers enough room in the right places to keep you comfortable and looking your best.

#3: Groom Away

Grooming is important. Women like to check the details, and will almost certainly look at your hands during your date. Speaking of hands, make sure that yours aren’t playing bingo for Aussie players or checking Facebook under the table! Make sure that your hands and nails are clean, that your facial hair is trimmed or shaved properly, and that your hair and body are clean as well.

#2: Go Easy On the Cologne

Most ladies love a subtle cologne on a man, but the trick to pulling this off is to use it sparingly. Instead of coating yourself in your signature scent, rather have a shower just before your date and use a small spray or two just before you leave. She will thank you for it.

#1: Be Yourself

It’s important to let your personality and unique sense of style shine through during a first date, especially if you are looking for a long-term partner. Let your date see who you really are by showing off your individuality in a subtle but clear way. If she is right for you, she’ll love the authenticity!