Creating A Better Profile For Online Dating

There was a time when online dating was sneered at. Now you will hardly find a person that doesn’t have a profile. Speaking of profiles; they are your doorway to online dating, and the biggest part of determining how much success you will find. Some may think that they can throw together a profile in under a minute, then sit back and wait for the flood of interested potential matches.

Don’t kid yourself. You will have to put in some effort, or there is a good chance you will find yourself ignored.

The Photos Are Paramount

You probably already know this, but; yes, the photos on your profile are extremely important.

First; using filtered, massively touched up photos that barely look like you is a big mistake. Most people can spot when a photo has been filtered, and will probably find it off putting. Keep it real. But, putting up a scruffy selfie is also a bad idea. Do try show your best side. It isn’t hard to take a good selfie.

Lighting is key in a photo. Having a clearly visible face, with no harsh shadows, is best.  A little creativity also won’t go amiss. An interesting background, or being in a cool location, can make all the difference. Taking a selfie while outdoors, in a favourite hangout spot, or anywhere intriguing, is a good idea.

Did we mention; be real? Don’t use a five year old photo. It will only make the other person feel betrayed when you meet face to face.

More Than A Few Abstract Words

A ton of dating profile these days have just a few abstract adjectives as their summary. This is an enormous mistake. What is a match supposed to say, when they have absolutely nothing to go on? How is that person supposed to even begin to imagine if the two of you will get along, when you aren’t telling them anything at all?

Make an effort to write a summary that shares a few key things about you. Do you like going out and drinking in a rowdy place, or prefer a bit of relaxation time, listening to music and playing Online Casinos Singapore?

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just an indication of what you’re like.

 Keep It Up To Date

You change, and much quicker than you probably realise. Who you are right now is probably not who you will be in two months. It is very important to keep your profile up to date. Replace photos regularly, add to your profile, and just generally maintain the image that is being portrayed. Think of a profile as something that grows with you, rather than a stagnant thing that can be tossed up, and left alone for months at a time.

Better yet; think of your profile as something that can also be improved, constantly. Add cool new photos, share an interesting new hobby. Point being; don’t let it rot and get out of date, or you will land up unintentionally giving a false idea of who you are.