Top Tips For A Great First Date

So, you’ve finally managed to secure a date with that person you had your eye on. Now that that’s out of the way, you have to start thinking about the actual date. Panic stations! How are you going to ensure that the date goes well? Will they actually like you? Will you accidently bring up a sensitive topic, and ruin the whole thing?

Relax. First dates aren’t supposed to be anxiety filled occasions, where you’re so worried about doing well that you forget to enjoy yourself. The key to a successful date is, in fact, the enjoyment part, rather than the small details.

With that being said, here are a few things to keep in mind for a first date.


Is your date vegan or vegetarian? Would they prefer a casual cup of coffee and slice of cake, rather than a three course candlelit dinner? How are you supposed to know? Well, a good idea might be to ask.

It turns out that communicating with the special someone about what they might enjoy will go a long way to easing tension. Simply asking what sort of date they’d like to go on really is a simple, often overlooked part of the process. No, it doesn’t ruin the romance. It puts your mind at ease that you’re setting up the right kind of date, as far as their preferences go.

Light Conversation

Many seem to be overly concerned with accidently bringing up a conversation that the other party will find offensive. Well, the easy solution to this is not to bring up any potentially touchy subjects. Yes, religion and politics are generally best avoided. But then, so is previous relationships they may have had, failed marriages, or other such things.

Sticking to topics of general interest is always best. After all, humans generally go on dates to relax, not discuss why their previous partner left them. Otherwise, they may just have stayed home and looked into entertainment options.

Casual Wardrobe Always Wins

There is nothing more awkward than arriving to a date, and feeling like you’ve massively overdressed for the occasion. I mean, aren’t you supposed to dress up for a date? Put on your Sunday best, go to the salon and get your eyebrows tweezed?

No, not necessarily. Unless, of course, that’s the sort of date you arranged. Rather stick to smart/casual, which works in virtually every situation. There are few venues that demand you wear a suit, or risk getting yourself kicked out. On the other hand, smart/casual attire rarely looks overdressed, unless you’re on the beach.

Have Fun

Last but perhaps most important; just have fun. Dates are supposed to be fun, not anxiety riddled affairs that leave you shaking from tension. If you can’t be relaxed around your date, you might ask yourself why exactly you’re dating them in the first place.

Plus, remember that if you don’t have any chemistry with this person, it really isn’t the end of the world as you know it.