Quick Wardrobe Updates for Guys

Is everyone including you bored with how you dress? Does deciding what to wear leave you feel uninspired? Or has your wardrobe become stuck in a time warp?

We’re here to get you out of the rut and to step into a new look that’s a lot more fashion forward.

These wardrobe updates for guys are quick and easy and you won’t even need to use your Pakistan slots for real cash winnings to pull them off.

1 small change…

equals 1 big difference! If you always wear smart collared shirts why not swap out a shirt for a T-shirt, or change your suit pants for jeans? Or if you never wear a tie, invest in one and wear it.

A small change can make a major difference to your appearance and can also dress up or dress down whatever look you’re going for.

Shop in your closet…

and find something new. We can almost guarantee you’ve got one or two items of clothing you bought and never wore. In fact, if you go shopping in your own closet you may well find that you have plenty of ‘new’ clothes that have never seen the light of day.

Branch out, dig deep and wear those clothes you bought. Unless of course they are truly awful, in which case, donate them!

Try new combinations…

of old outfits. We all get stuck in a rut or have a favourite outfit, but after awhile this gets old. You can give yourself a fresh new look simply by mixing and matching some of your favourites, but in new combinations.

Try mixing different textures, or swapping smart and casual items around. The more you play around the better, and if you have time, lay out a bundle of clothes on your bed and play matchmaker to see what works.

Go shopping…

somewhere different. If you stick to the same stores every time you go shopping, the chances are you’ll either start looking like a brand representative, like you work there, or a label whore. Rather try different stores, or at the very least have a few different favourites.

This way you won’t end up looking like you got dressed out a catalogue. If you don’t enjoy shopping at physical stores there are an abundance of menswear shops online, so get that mouse clicking!

Chat to a stylist…

or a stylish friend. A professional stylist can offer great advice on updating your look, making the most of what you already have in your wardrobe, or advising about new pieces to buy. If a stylist is a bit out of your budget, chat to a friend that you think dresses well and see if you can learn their secrets.

Or, check out a few mens fashion magazines or websites to get an idea of the latest trends. You don’t have to change your image completely, but getting a bit of an update will work wonders.